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Welcome to NOVICA’s embroidered tops collection! Jewel and beaded necklines adorn some of the latest charismatic designs brought to you by some of the world’s most creative artisans.

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Popular Embroidered Tops

Embroidered Tops

Tops whose names echo the very essence of their artistic embroidery such as ‘Cool Day,’ ‘Night Dance,’ and ‘Pink Sugar Chic,’ are just a few of NOVICA’s very own hand embroidered tops from Thailand brimming with the artistic genius of Jariya Kakaew. With inspiration drawn from classic Chinese and Yorn fashions, Jariya offers eager-to-wear worthy tops hand designed with angular borders, embroidered in cotton twine and wreathed with glyph-like patterns which are hieroglyphic characters utilized in the form of communicating through pictorials and writings that date back to ancient Mayans. NOVICA’s embroidered tops are brought to you from not only the finest artisans in Thailand but also from India, with designer Vijay Singh mixing the traditional block print technique with a Scottish-like golden paisley sheer cover that drapes a white cotton top. From relaxed cotton embroidery to luxuriously beaded, sequenced jeweled tops, NOVICA’s artisans offer no shortage of sleek and sophisticated embroideries.