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These blue tops are expertly made by artisan designers with passion for quality.

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Blue Tops

NOVICA's Blue Top Collection features the work and style of some of the most talented artisans woldwide. Ever heard of “royal blue?” Well, in the Middle Ages blue was the color of the poor. Even though boys’ cribs in the U.S. are almost always blue, in the 12th century the Virgin Mary’s robe changed to blue, and it became the symbol of women everywhere. However you see these blue tops, being able to wear them however you see fit is the product of a long history of struggles and chance. Now blue is seen as one of the most neutral colors, acceptable anywhere for anybody. Feel free to show off a blue top at the office or the park. NOVICA’s boutique of blue tops is made up of high-quality cloths from expert tailors and designers. Artisan Arthur Karvan demands the best silk, cottons, and linens for all his garments, blue tops included.