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Keep cool, fresh, and look your best in a sleeveless blouse.

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Sleeveless Blouses

Youthful and chic, these sleeveless blouses can be strut around town in warm weather or paired with a blazer for the office. No matter where you take one, you take a story with you because each of these blouses is handmade, linking it to the narrative of its designer. An artisan story card, which comes with each blouse, will tell you something of the tale. The rest is in the cut of your blouse, its tints and shades, weft and warp. Neeti cares deeply for art, quality, and the methods that behind each of her sleeveless blouses. She says, “it is not important to do different things, but to do them differently,” in reference to taking care and pleasure in one’s work. She distinguishes her sleeveless blouses with traditional elements like sujani embroidery. She and NOVICA hope you enjoy the artistry and ancestry these sleeveless blouses have to offer.