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Welcome to NOVICA’s Silk Blouse collection! If you love the feel and fashion of silk, our selection of blouses is just for you! A silk top from NOVICA will add a splash of color to anything you wear:

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Silk Blouses

One of our designers, Ritu Agnihotri, designed her tunic blouse in the style of ancient Indian block prints and crafted it out of rich silk fabric. She is one of the featured artisans in NOVICA’s Silk Blouse collection. Another craftsman we love, Bina Rao, weaves her natural silk fibers to create the impression of long, flowing stripes that cascade down the front of the blouse in vibrant red. If you are looking for a beautiful top that is comfortable, wearable and luxurious, our Silk Blouse collection is just the thing for you! And with the softness of silk against your skin, you’ll feel beautiful and comfortable in any top you put on.