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Welcome to NOVICA’s White Cotton Blouse collection! If you are looking to dazzle in the romance of white or charm in a serene ruffled blouse, NOVICA has an array of white cotton blouses all waiting to suit your mood and style:

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Popular White Cotton Blouses

White Cotton Blouses

NOVICA's White Cotton Blouse Collection features the work and style of some of the most talented artisans woldwide. Although seemingly a plain color, white is one of the most dynamically sophisticated hues on the color wheel, with shades of milk, beige, smoke, snow, ivory, pearl cream and chalk, NOVICA has an array of diaphanous white cotton blouses all waiting for you to whisk them away. When making her white cotton blouses, Thai designer Jariya Kakaew focuses on fusing natural materials with modern designs. By using the method of coiling the thread, the villagers are able to transform cotton into smartly decorative items that enhance the outfit and drape a woman in the essence of graceful regality. With NOVICA offering full-sleeved blouse, three- quarter sleeved blouses and shoulder length blouses, you will never be at a shortage of finding the perfect white cotton blouse to fit any weather and any mood. Please enjoy!