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Blue Blouses

Governing both sky and sea, blue is the dominant color of our lives. Despite its ever-present nature, blue pigment was the last to be discovered, coming far after red and ochre in ancient art. Even then, it took just as long to find a blue that didn’t fade to green or one that wasn’t toxic. Every era knew a different blue: the Renaissance was rendered in ultramarine, Impressionists painted even their shadows in cobalt. These blue blouses are most likely made with indanthrone, the organic, stable blue of our era. Durable fabrics and dyes make these blue blouses last longer than ancient blue fabrics. Some of the ancient days, however, are preserved in these blouses as many of them are made with the techniques and designs of old. A blue blouse from Dewa Porto is made from only traditional fabrics, like woven ikat and batik, interlacing the past and present. We hope you enjoy!