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Welcome to NOVICA’s Patterened Robe Collection. Comfortable patterned robes of rayon, silk and cotton with the finest batik patterns artists have to offer make up this collection.

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Popular Patterned Robes

Patterned Robes

Artists like Viktoria, Arthur Karvan and Dasek Nyoman Parwati scour the islands of Indonesia for the finest cottons, silks and rayons, then create one-of-a-kind robes with batik patterns and motifs that date back thousands of years and reflect the natural beauty of Bali and Java. These artists are the inheritors of a craft that has come down through the centries to culminate in the collection of patterned robes from NOVICA. Dasek Nyoman Parwati puts it this way, “Now, there's so much to do I need the help of several assistants… thanks to what Novica is doing in promoting artists to the whole world, especially artists from Bali.”