Women's Alpaca Wool Ponchos

Find authentic Peruvian comfort in NOVICA’s handcrafted collection of alpaca ponchos for women below. With tons of unique color and style combinations from which to choose, selecting the perfect layering garment has never been easier.

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Popular Women's Alpaca Wool Ponchos

Women's Alpaca Ponchos

Each piece featured in this lavish collection of alpaca wool ponchos was woven from soft and cozy alpaca wool by the hands of talented Peruvian artisans. Our solid, patterned, striped, or crocheted alpaca wool ponchos are the perfect addition to any fall or winter look. Women today wear Peruvian alpaca ponchos both as fashionable accessories and pragmatic layering options. To ensure warmth, artisans use the naturally versatile fiber that was of utmost value to Incans, who raised the animal in the extreme planes of the Andes solely for their wool. The soft and durable crafting of the wool has been passed down through many generations and is now used to knit gloves, hats, trendy wool sweaters, and alpaca ponchos for women and men.