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Patterned Sweaters

Explore a multi-colored world of finely patterned sweaters carefully knitted by the hands of artisans from the Andes!

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Popular Patterned Sweaters

Patterned Sweaters

Intricate and finely detailed patterns comprised of a myriad of shapes and colors cover NOVICA’s wide assortment of hand knit sweaters. Andean artisans put many hours of focus and all of their expertise into crafting some of the finest patterned sweaters available. Care is put into every stitch to ultimately create a variety of melded colors and patterns that make these sweaters a form of wearable art. Andean people have been using alpaca wool to make clothing for centuries - a tradition that NOVICA artisans carry on today in this unique collection. Colors range from fiery red and black to oceanic blue and green. Our selection of patterned wool sweaters includes cardigans, pullovers and more, all carefully crafted by Peru’s best artisans.
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