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Men's Batik Shirts

Welcome to NOVICA’s Batik Shirts for Men Collection. Great patterns, great colors, in comfortable materials with batiks from Indonesia’s finest artisans.

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About Men's Batik Shirts

Did you know that UNESCO has designated Indonesian batik as a Heritage of Humanity? Small wonder. The wax-resist textile art form is older than written history in Indonesia, and many Javanese batik motifs were once reserved for sultans. The specific patterns denoted a person's royal lineage. With their inherent elegance and handcrafted beauty, men's batik shirts can take the place of a tie and jacket in some Indonesian social settings. Novica's batik shirt collection features styles with both short and long sleeves, and they represent some of our most popular men's designs. Batik is a centuries old dying process that produces striking designs and brilliant colors on any fabric. This fabulous collection of Batik shirts brings together shirts created by artists from Bali and Java whose creations won’t be found anywhere else. Ngurah Sudana came from a small village in central Bali and, after moving to a region known for its artists, formed a creative co-operative. Here he and his partners create striking, original designs for NOVICA. "I feel fortunate to live in a place where inspiration is never in short supply…” he says, and we agree.
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