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About Men's Batik Robes

Once upon time in the Javanese court, known as Kraton, batik was regarded as highly as music and dance as a way to develop spiritual discipline. The art of batik design on textiles was engraved in the soul of the artisan as each one created own patterns. There was a time when certain batik patterns where reserved solely for the courts of Surakarta and Jogyakarta, such as the dagger motif or parang kotak bajel. Nowadays batik artists share them with everyone while at the same time creating innovative patterns.

Novica’s collection of men’s batik robes preserves this legendary art form in luxurious comfort. Ideal for leisurewear, batik robes for men are worn as desired as cotton fibers keep one cool. Batik patterns are executed with wax dye-resist techniques that include canting (with a small pipe-like instrument) or printed with blocks of wood featuring copper wires. A man’s batik robe may reveal Indonesia’s tropical flora and fauna as admirably as diaphanous silk batik scarves for women.
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