Wood Decorative Bowl Displays Majesty of African Animals

One phrase that is often mentioned after a trip to Africa is “You may leave Africa, but Africa will never leave you.” Recently, my family took a trip to Africa and that phrase has taken on new meaning for us. The beauty, power and majesty of the animals we saw on safari cannot be described in just a few adjectives. During our time on safari, the rhinoceros became a favorite of my children. Both the white rhino and the elusive black rhino were popular photography subjects because of their strength, authority and even playfulness within the crash. Whether hiding within the shrubbery or running through the savannas, this member of the Big 5 would cause our jeep to stop and revel in the moment with this creature.

Rhino photographed on Kwandwe Game Reserve, South Africa

While the memories and photographs will always be with us, I like to add decorative pieces around our home as physical reminders of our trip. From the pictures that adorn the walls to the trinkets that line the shelves, these items are visual reminders of the places where we have traveled. Knowing how special the rhino is to our family, I was captivated by the Sese Wood Decorative Bowl, ‘African Animals,’ created by Madam Adwoa and Onyame Akwan Dooso. This decorative wood bowl is ideal on our travel memories shelf.

Decorative wood bowl, rhino side

Made from Sese wood, this decorative bowl captures the character of the powerful rhino. With his horn pointing upward, the rhino looks ready to charge through the bush. The deft hand used by the artist to capture the strength of the rhino’s muscle while balancing the overall features is charming. With the skillfully carved background, the rhino stands out to the eye.

Decorative wood bowl, giraffe side

The other side of the decorative bowl shows a giraffe. The long neck of the tall shows that this creature can be quite graceful. Reminiscent of the giraffe’s head peeking over the trees, this image conveys the vulnerability of the towering creature.

The Sese Wood Decorative Bowl is created by Madam Adwoa and Onyame Akean Dooso. These artisans from Ghana exemplify handcrafted, artistic pieces.  Created in the woodshop, these African decorative bowls are created with utmost care. From animal inspired decorative bowls to African village inspired images, these bowls can be displayed both in casual and formal settings.

While our family enjoys the Sese Wood Decorative Bowl on our travel memory shelves, this decorative bowl can work well in many settings. In the bedroom, the decorative bowl can be used to hold change, keys or even jewelry. The dark wood compliments a wide variety of home décor.

Decorative wood bowl from NOVICA


Our Sese Wood Decorative Bowl, ‘African Animals’ sits on our travel shelf and current holds an ostrich egg from our African trip. Periodically, we change the position of the bowl, with rhino facing forward or the giraffe facing forward. Also, we display the decorative bowl both filled and empty. The versatility of the decorative bowl makes it a favorite piece in my collection.

Whether you have traveled to Africa, have the desire to travel there one day, or simply enjoy decorative pieces from around the globe, the Sese Wood Decorative Bowl, ‘African Animals’ can make a superb addition to any home décor.

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