What’s the effectiveness of single/double/triple layer facemask?

Fabric masks are most efficient at preventing the spreading of particles when they are crafted with multiple layers. A single-layered mask offers the lowest level of protection, and would be appropriate for general use in environments that have minimal exposure. A dual-layered face covering has proven to be effective in reducing the dispersion of droplets that generally come from talking, coughing, or sneezing. According to the WHO, triple-layered masks provide the strongest filter against spreadable pathogens. The inner layer absorbs general moisture, the second layer filters particles, and the outside layer of non-absorbent material works to block any large droplets. Regardless of layering, for any mask to provide protection, it must be frequently washed, breathable, well-fitted to the wearer, and secured in place. The more layers of fabric a mask includes, the stronger a filter it will provide.

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