What are traditional methods for making handmade robes?

Traditional methods of hand crafting robes vary by region, culture, and historical context. Two common techniques that allow artisans to create luxurious, wearable, highly-detailed robes are hand-painting and hand-stitching. In Bali, where the practice of making robes by hand has been passed down for generations, the traditional method of batik is a signature style. The Batik Tulis, for example, is a technique that utilizes wax-resistant dye that is then applied directly to the cloth. It is an intricate, patient process that can produce extraordinarily detailed pieces. Batik Cap is another classic technique where a copper stamp is repeatedly pressed with the wax-resistant dye onto the cloth. This process creates patterns on the garment that are then dip-dyed to saturate color into the unwaxed parts of the robe. Both batik techniques produce unique pieces that represent the incredible talent of our artisans in Bali.

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