What are the most popular motifs in handcrafted mirrors?

Flower motifs are popular almost everywhere. Balinese mirrors often depict the fragrant plumeria flower that thrives there. West Africa’s handcrafted mirrors may feature sheets of aluminum and brass repousse, or some of the region’s more than 500 traditional adinkra symbols. These are visual icons that convey conventional wisdom or proverbs.

For their handcrafted mirrors, Brazilian artisans enjoy working with glass mosaic, inspired perhaps by the iconic beach walk at Ipanema. India’s intricate embossed brass mirror frames evoke the splendor of Mughal palaces. Central America’s hand-carved mirrors recall colonial elegance. And some of their newer handcrafted mirrors include Guatemala’s famous worry dolls. Legend tells how the Maya sun god gave Princess Ixmucané the gift of solving people’s problems. People started making dolls in Ixmucané’s honor and telling her their problems. Then they place the doll under their pillow, hoping she will find a solution during the night.

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