Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her: 6 Ideas for the Woman in Your Life

There are good Valentine’s Day gifts for her, and then there are GREAT Valentine’s Day gifts for her. This loaded holiday is right around the corner, and whether you’re shopping for your wife or for a new girlfriend, you know you’ve got to get her something that’ll sweep her off her feet. Look no further — whatever stage of the relationship you’re in, our guide is full of unique and romantic Valentine’s Day gifts that we know she’ll love.

Valentines Day Gifts For Her


Dating for under 3 months?

There are the usual “first Valentine’s Day” gifts for her — chocolates, flowers, perfumes — but if you really want to show her how special she is to you, while proving you have a little flair and imagination… then you’ll have do something a little unexpected. Maybe go for a something like an incense holder set, like this bronze one from Indonesia, as a great alternative to a perfume gift: she’ll love that it’s beautiful and useful but still fun. PLUS you get to impress her by showing off a little international flair!

Valentine's Day gifts for her: Incense holder
Bronze incense holder and sticks set: ‘Buddhist Peace’ by Budiman ($24.99)

Dating for 3-6 months

While you really can’t go wrong with silk,  batik silk scarves or shawls in particular make awesome Valentine’s Day gifts for her if you’ve been dating a few months. Every woman loves to feel pampered, and few things say “my boyfriend spoils me” like the luxury of hand-stamped silk. Once the weather warms up a little, watch the compliments roll in every time she wears it.

Valentine's Day gifts for her: Silk scarves

7-11 months into your relationship

Choosing jewelry for the lady in your life can seem a little daunting at this stage in the relationship, but jewelry boxes make amazing Valentine’s Day gifts for her, no matter how long you’ve been together. For a special lady, it’s also the perfect place for all the jewelry that’s to come!

Valentine's Day gifts for her: Jewelry boxes
Wood jewelry box: ‘Kashmir Wonderland’ by Niyaz ($49.99)

Together for 1-2 years

After a year or so, you’ll probably be more confident choosing jewelry that will match her tastes — and jewelry is a classic Valentine’s Day gift for a reason. Whether your girl’s a classic-dressing lady, a bold trendsetter, or somewhere in-between, you can find something that’ll let her know she’s the apple of your eye.

Valentine's Day gifts for her: Jewelry
Gold vermeil and amazonite pendant necklace: ‘Island Fantasy’ by Bhavesh ($49.99)

If you don’t want to go the jewelry route, consider choosing a romantic sculpture for this year’s Valentine’s Day gift for her. They’re beautiful, unique, and the product of great care and dedication — just like your love. Watch her face light up when you give your gift, and know that it’s a heartfelt reminder of your affection she’ll treasure for years to come.

Valentine's Day gifts for her: Romantic sculpture

Over 3 years of blissful togetherness!

After a few years together, you want to show her she’ll always be queen of your world. Pick out a statement piece of jewelry, like a silver cuff or gemstone necklace — something she’d probably never buy for herself, even if she loves jewelry shopping. You can even put the icing on the cake by making reservations for a fancy dinner for the two of you where she can show it off.

Valentine's Day gifts for her: Statement jewelry
Floral Cuff Bracelet Taxco Silver Jewelry: ‘Life Blossoms’ by Joaquin and Josefina ($489.99)

Make her Valentine’s Day one to remember

Valentine’s Day can roll around with a decent amount of pressure for guys, but the important thing is to give with love and give her your love. Whatever you end up choosing will be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her.

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Have you given the woman in your life a gift that really dazzled her? Are there any ideas we missed? Tell us about it in the comments!

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