Valentine’s Day Gifts for Friends

I love giving gifts and Valentine’s Day is no exception.  I always find treasures and confectioneries for my family and I never forget Valentine’s Day gifts for friends.   Gift giving is an art.  You want the gift to resonate with the receiver and have special meaning.  It’s fun finding gifts for friends which remind you of a special event, occasion, or memory.  When I find those items, I will usually pick them up and save them for a special occasion.

It would be fun to give all my friends gifts from NOVICA.  Here are a few ideas I found for my closet friends.  A couple of friends who love to entertain would have fun with these Cool Rainbow glasses full of their favorite cocktails and then serving them on this beautiful Floral Muse tray.  Another friend is all about fashion and this Fabulous Wine Tie Dye Scarf would look beautiful on her.    Any one of my friends would love these Luminosity Toe Rings and they come as a pair so I could give one to two different friends or keep one so we could have matching toe rings.  One of my dearest friends has admired my wrap bracelet similar to the New Tribal bracelet.  She would be in heaven if I gifted her this bracelet.  To complete my friends gift list I would have to add a gorgeous journal for sharing their personal thoughts.  Journals are such a simple but thoughtful gift for a friend.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Friends

1.  Cool Rainbow  2.  Floral Muse  3.  Fabulous Wine  4.  Luminosity  5.  New Tribal  6.  Pink Memoirs

When I start looking at NOVICA online, I have a hard time not wanting everything I find.  So…if I could find a special gift just for me, I  would have a hard time narrowing it down from these four pieces.  I love jewelry, specifically necklaces, bracelets and rings, especially in amethyst (my birthstone).  I have pierced ears but tend to wear the same earrings day in and day out.  If I was to pick out a pair of earrings to wear daily, I would probably go with the Regal Halo earrings.  I love elegance but it has to be simple for me to be comfortable in them.  I just love the Shimmer bracelet, doesn’t it look like X’s and O’s (for hugs and kisses)?  I don’t think it’s too much to “wish” for this entire set of jewelry is it?

Valentine's Day Gifts for Friends

1.  Regal Halo  2.  Melody  3.  Shimmer   4.  Sparkle

What would be on your Valentine’s Day wish list?  Jewelry, Tableware, Vases, Clothing?  I know the list can be long on NOVICA!  Let’s buy one of each!



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