Stocking Your Bar: All the essentials for serving your guests

Those who truly know how to raise the bar understand that no home liquor cabinet is truly complete unless it’s fully stocked and thoughtfully styled.  With NOVICA, it’s fairly simple to mix a cocktail and impress your guests with handmade items including glassware, coasters, and barware.  We selected a few gorgeous pieces that are essential to invest in when it comes to crafting and organizing a home bar.  They also make for great conversation starters as each item encompasses a unique story about its origin and the artisan who created it.

Stocking your bar Brown and Black Leather Accent Wood Rolling Bar from Peru
‘Inca Party’ Brown and Black Leather Accent Wood Rolling Bar from Peru


The equipment needed to mix a cocktail isn’t extensive.  From a cocktail shaker to a muddler to a strainer, often times you can find these items as a set.  In the case of wine, few tools are as important as the one used to open the bottle.  NOVICA carries a foil cutting knife and corkscrew from its National Geographic Collection.  This faux-horn handled gadget, made in the French village of Laguiole,  is a must-have for any bar and as an added bonus, all sales help support animal research and preservation projects.

Laguiole French Wine-Lover's Knife and Corkscrew Sommelier's Secret Stocking your bar
‘Sommelier’s Secret’ Laguiole French Wine-Lover’s Knife and Corkscrew


For everyday use in your home bar you typically need six or eight of each of these three basic types of glasses: short, tall, and stem.  ‘Tall’ cocktails, drinks which contain a large proportion of a non-alcoholic mixer and are poured over ice, are typically served in a highball glass.  This versatile “confetti” collection, handblown in Mexico by partners  Javier Gutiérrez and Efrén Canteras, easily add a festive element to any evening.

Confetti Colorful Handblown Glass Highball Cocktail Stocking your bar
‘Confetti’ Colorful Handblown Glass Highball Cocktail

Gutiérrez and Canteras also make a rock glass, also called a low-ball or old-fashioned, which is a short tumbler with a solid base. Lowballs are typically used for drinks containing muddled ingredients, but they’re also perfectly poised for a simple, neat pour. To create these whirling cobalt glasses, the artisans simultaneously shape the molten glass while expertly weaving swirls of white throughout the cobalt blue.

Whirling Cobalt 6 Hand Blown Blue-White 11 oz Rock Glasses Stocking Your Bar
‘Whirling Cobalt’ 6 Hand Blown Blue-White 11 oz Rock Glasses

For wine, it’s recommended to invest in eight to 12 basic wineglasses, either a single shape that is appropriate for both red and white or separate sets of glasses for each.  Javier and Efren designed these vibrant wine goblets featuring a lovely red rim. Each of their creations is made from lead-free, un-tempered and recycled glass, and masterfully blown into one of a kind art pieces.

Ruby Globe Set of 4 Hand Blown Wine Glasses Clear with Red Rim Stocking your bar
‘Ruby Globe’ Set of 4 Hand Blown Wine Glasses


Coasters are small yet significant items that are both functional and decorative.  They show that you care about your home, help to preserve your furniture and often add color and a subtle touch of artistry to your surroundings. These hand-painted wood elephant coasters from India are created by artisan, Madhur Khandelwal. Born and raised in Jaipur, he inherited his artistic abilities from his parents and could often be found honing his craft from 4:00 a.m. until dark. 

Six Hand-Painted Wood Elephant Coasters in Red from India stocking your bar
‘Gajraj March in Red’ Hand Painted Coasters

If you’re looking to add in a natural element, check out this set of four agate coasters handcrafted in Brazil.  While they are they stunning to look at, they also induce a calming vibe as this particular crystal is thought to bring harmony to all physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of being.

Natural Color Brown Agate Coasters (Set of 4) from Brazil Stocking Your Bar
‘Caramel Crystals’ Natural Color Brown Agate Coasters

Creating a bar is the perfect way to elevate happy hour at home.  Not only do you generate a more memorable experience for yourself and your guests, but with each sip, you have the knowledge that you are supporting a master artisan. Now that’s something we can all drink to. Cheers!

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