Scintillating Citrine: November’s Birthstone

For many of us, November is when fall really comes into full swing. The trees turn beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow, and everything we eat is pumpkin flavored. Fall colors take over our wardrobes and our homes. Luckily for those born in November, their birthstones match up with the seasonal colors. Yellow topaz is the best known November birthstone, but there is a second lesser known option, citrine. Like yellow topaz, citrine has a golden hue, perfect for fall! This decorative tree made of citrine gemstones reminds me of the trees in my backyard right now.

Gemstone tree, 'Citrine Blossoms hand crafted art sculpture November's birthstone citrine

There are two common forms of citrine, which bring different characteristics to the gemstone. Naturally occurring citrine is actually quartz that contains a high amount of iron. Natural citrine is quite rare but has a gorgeous light yellow shade. In this bracelet, you can see the slight variation in color of the citrine stones, but the overall color is that of a light, buttery yellow. This beautiful gemstone has been used for jewelry since the times of the ancient Greeks.

Light Caramel Three Brazilian Artisan Crafted Citrine Stretch Bracelets November's birthstone

More recently, it was discovered that other colors of quartz could be turned into citrine by the application of high heat to the stones. This ‘man-made’ citrine still has the scintillating yellow hue we all love, but with a slightly more reddish hint. It also makes incredible jewelry, like this sterling silver cocktail ring. And, since quartz is a fairly common stone, the advent of heat-treated citrine meant that it became an affordable choice for jewelry and gifting.

Festive Bali Handcrafted Citrine and Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring November's Birthstone

If you believe in the mystical properties of gemstones, citrine is said to bring wealth and riches to those who wear it. This can be tied back to its resemblance to gold, the universal symbol of prosperity. You can really appreciate the striking resemblance between gold and citrine in these earrings, made from 22k gold vermeil and citrine gems. The colors are so similar that it is hard to tell where the gold ends and the citrine begins!

Golden Dazzle 22k Gold Vermeil Dangle Earrings with Citrine Gems November's birthstone

If you are born in November, take advantage of the fact that you can get such luxurious looking gemstones for a bargain price! NOVICA’s many artisans around the world have been hard at work creating stunning jewelry for you to wear. You may find a piece so beautiful that you will want to wear it all year, not just when fall colors are in season!

Citrine solitaire ring, 'Love Triangle' sterling silver fair trade November's Birthstone

Gifting citrine jewelry, or buying it for yourself is made even better when you know that you’ve helped artisans around the world to better their lives.  We can make a difference!

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