Rainforest Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

Did you know that rainforests use to cover 14% of the Earth’s surface? I had no idea. Today, they cover only about 6% due to deforestation. Did you know that nearly half of the world’s animals live in the rainforest? It has always bothered me that we are losing so much of our rainforests due to damage that we’re doing.  I’m passionate about trying to live an eco-friendly life so that my choices cause as little harm as possible to our environment.  When I saw this gorgeous Rainforest Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet on the Novica site and read the artist’s story, it truly touched my heart.

Silver Charm Bracelet

Nyoman Rena is the artist that created this beautiful Rainforest Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet. He creates many different pieces of jewelry available at Novica.   Nyoman Rena has used his talents for carving and working with silver to create this gorgeous bracelet. His concerns for the world’s ecologies inspired him to create this bracelet as a tribute to our rainforests. He describes this bracelet by saying he transformed the sterling silver into sturdy vines and blossoming leaves that are bathed by glass crystal dewdrops. That describes the bracelet just perfectly.

I have been looking for a sterling silver bracelet for a while and the quality of workmanship really stands out on this one.  The delicate detailing on the dangling leaves and branches is just beautiful. The colorful crystal dewdrop charms are in different shades of light blues and greens and definitely do remind me of delicate drops of dew dangling from the tree branches. This gorgeous bracelet comes directly from Bali in Indonesia and was packaged in a beautiful gift bag with a Novica charm.  There was even a small post card from Bali that was signed by the artist himself.  That is such a special touch for any gift purchase!

Silver Charm Bracelet

There are so many beautiful charm bracelets available on Novica that I really had a difficult time choosing one.  I’m so glad I picked the Rainforest Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet. It will be the perfect accessory for either a casual outfit or a dress outfit. This bracelet would go perfectly with a pair of casual jeans and a white t-shirt for a lunch out with friends or a walk along the beach. I can also picture myself wearing it on an evening out with my husband at our favorite restaurant while wearing a dressier outfit.

Novica truly has some stunning gift items to choose from on their site.  In addition to the sterling silver bracelets, I recommend you look at their silver bracelets for more great ideas!

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