Pack the perfect beach bag with our favorite beach day essentials!

Beach Day Batik Rayon Caftan "Balinese Breeze in Midnight"
Batik Rayon Caftan “Balinese Breeze in Midnight”

Toes in the sand, sunshine on your face, and the smell of salty air… Is there anything more dreamy than a day by the sea? As the Summer season approaches, treat yourself to some of our favorite beach day essentials from around the world.

A Chic, Beachy Dress or Cover-Up

Beach Day Robe in Ivory and Orange, "Windy Beach in Orange"
Robe in Ivory and Orange, “Windy Beach in Orange”

Whether your favorite styles fall into the category of bohemian, glam, or minimal, options are endless when it comes to choosing a chic beach day outfit. Perhaps you keep it casual with a pair of shorts and a kimono, or maybe you want to express your feminine side with a cute, flowy dress. A stylish cover-up dress is also a great option to easily slip on over your bathing suit. Whichever style you favor, Novica’s handmade fashion has you covered.

A Stylish Sarong

Beach Day Tied Dyed Sarong, "Sea Glass"
Tied Dyed Sarong, “Sea Glass”
So it’s mid-beach day, you’re all lathered up with your favorite sun lotion, and halfway to that perfect sun-kissed glow. You decide it’s time for a seaside stroll or a trip to the bathrooms, but you aren’t yet ready to get fully dressed. This is when a sarong comes in handy! With the ability to fold up tightly, it will take up minimal space in your beach bag and can be worn in many different ways. As an added bonus, sarongs can also be used as an extra layer to sit on or to cover parts of the body that have had enough sun for the day. There are many fun colors and patterns to choose from, but we love this hand-dyed tie-dye sarong from Bali!

A Wide-Brimmed Hat

Beach day Peruvian Felt Hat, "Munay in Taupe"
Peruvian Felt Hat, “Munay in Taupe”
Although sunshine gives us energy and makes us feel good, it is important to protect your face and eyes from getting too much of it. Whether you prefer a hat that is big and floppy or one that is chic and fitted, a wide-brimmed hat is a beach day game-changer!

Nautical Jewelry

Beach Day Pearl and Sterling Silver Pendant on Silk Necklace, "Blue Octopus"
Pearl and Sterling Silver Pendant on Silk Necklace, “Blue Octopus”
To feel a little more glam, add a cute pair of beachy-themed earrings or a bold statement necklace to your outfit. These pieces are casual enough for the beach, but also provide an elegant flair well suited for a post-beach dinner or happy hour.

A Comfy Beach Towel

Beach Day Striped Cotton Beach Towel, "Sweet Relaxation in Teal"
Striped Cotton Beach Towel, “Sweet Relaxation in Teal”
A beach day staple! A big comfy towel makes all the difference during a relaxing day in the sun. Use it to lie on, throw it over a beach chair, or dry off after a dip in the ocean. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from, and these handwoven beach towels from Guatemala are a Novica favorite.

A Roomy Handbag

Artisan Crafted Purple Striped Raffia Basket Tote Bag, "Bawku Blue-Violet" Beach Day
Striped Raffia Basket Tote Bag, “Bawku Blue-Violet”
Once all your favorite beach essentials are ready to go, you will need a nice, big (and trendy, of course!) handbag to put everything in. We love natural fiber handbags for the beach, but canvas or cotton bags also work well.

If you don’t have access to a nearby beach or are still in the planning phases of that prospective tropical vacation, don’t worry! Here are some of our favorite treasures that will help bring the beach to you.

Beachy Signs

Beach Days Distressed Wood Coat Rack, "Life is Better at the Beach"
Distressed Wood Coat Rack, “Life is Better at the Beach”

Sometimes imagination is all you need. Hang some cute, beachy signs in the yard, lay your beach towel out on the lawn or patio, and turn up that summer playlist. You will almost smell the salty air! As an added bonus, they also make a great addition to summer party decorations!


Carved Wood Sculpture, "Dolphin Generation" Beach Day
Carved Wood Sculpture, “Dolphin Generation”

To add an oceanic feel to your garden or imaginary beach space, place a few nautical or sea creature sculptures in the soil or on your patio furniture. This hand-carved dolphin from Bali is one of our favorites!

Tableware & Glassware

Blown glass juice glasses, 'Aquamarine Kiss' (set of 6) Beach Day
Blown glass juice glasses, ‘Aquamarine Kiss’

Bring that gorgeous seaside lunch with your favorite people home with you! Sip some lemonade (or margaritas) in style with some handblown glass tumblers, or enjoy a delicious fruit and cheese plate on a one-of-a-kind teakwood cutting board.


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