Organic Authority Interviews Justine Lassoff, Co-Founder of Love Goodly Content

Photo of Justine Lassoff by Alvin Manuel, AVM Photography

Recently, Organic Authority, a nutrition and wellness magazine, interviewed Justine Lassoff, co-founder of Love Goodly, a skincare and beauty company that manufactures vegan and cruelty-free products, and is in partnership with NOVICA.

Like so many of us, Justine found 2020 an arduous year but one in which she was able to find what was most important in life.

She says, “Life can be short, so you need to seize the moment.”

In the interview, Justine describes how she focused on reflection and using the time to become closer to special family members, as well and continuing Love Goodly’s mission of bringing healthful, quality products to the public. She tells us that Love Goodly is thriving and how she and co-founder Katie Bogue-Miller appreciate their collaboration with NOVICA and its equally positive message.


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