On Thankfulness – A Message From NOVICA Co-Founder, Armenia Nercessian

Dear Friends,

A deepening sense of togetherness often emerges from upheavals, doesn’t it?

As we look back on these pandemic years of worry, hope, and a gradual coming back together, and while we each begin to spread our wings again, all of us at NOVICA send a worldwide thank you from our hearts to yours. Thank you for helping many thousands of fellow human beings through these challenging times.

Thank you, dear friends, for continuing to reach out across nations, even as borders closed. You kept optimism alive for so many NOVICA artisans who needed your support — more than ever — when tourism ceased and their local sales came to a sudden halt. Much to our artisans’ relief, their sales on NOVICA actually increased. This has been wonderful and amazing.

Because of you, all of us at NOVICA witnessed more unity of purpose than ever before.

Thank you for choosing to spread light around the world. During this time when our communal sense of direction otherwise felt adrift, you made the choice to share kindness, appreciation, and generosity —  even with people you’ve never met. These choices really define a person, don’t they? We love our tribe of inspired individuals.

During these two uncertain years, you literally put food on the table — and huge appreciation into the hearts — of thousands of master artisans, their assistants, and the families they support. A total of more than 100,000 people benefited directly from your patronage.

There are so many ways to help change the world for the better. NOVICA is where we’ve chosen to focus our positive energy for more than two decades now, uplifting families and communities, and championing creativity. We are so heartened to be sharing this mission-driven path with kindred spirits like you.

You are one of the world’s precious Keepers of the Arts. For that, we are all so grateful!


Much love always,

Armenia Nercessian
NOVICA co-founder

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