NOVICA Showcased by Parade Magazine in Their Gifts to Impress Your Guests (for $15 or Less) List

NOVICA is proud to be singled out by Parade Magazine in its well-crafted article,

46 Dinner Party Table Gifts to Impress Your Guests (for $15 or Less).”

Handcrafted Cube-Shaped Wood Puzzle, “Test Your Mind”

Test your guests’ minds! NOVICA Handcrafted Cube-Shaped Wood Puzzle ($14.99) is an unassuming puzzle from India that offers a delightful household challenge. Presented by Arti Sharma, the cube-shaped puzzle is handcrafted by local artisans, who use dark acacia wood with lighter haldu wood, resulting in checkerboard motifs over the cube’s body. This type of puzzle is known as a “snake cube,” where all of the individual pieces are strung together. The goal is to bend and rearrange the pieces so that the larger cube is made whole again.

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