The NOVICA Click List – June 26, 2014

Our regular roundup of things we found on the web that moved us, piqued our interest, or made us smile.

11 Endangered Traditions from Around the World

UNESCO are currently safeguarding and attempting to preserve 298 traditions that they have listed as ‘intangible cultural heritage’. Read all about eleven of the most intriguing and delightful traditions from this endangered extravagant ethnographic record at!


Image courtesy of Maptia
Image courtesy of Maptia


Namibia’s Fairy circles: Nature’s greatest mystery?

From the air, the Namibian desert looks like it has a bad case of chicken pox. Spread across 1,100 miles of a narrow strip sit a smattering of barren polka dots, otherwise known as fairy circles, that represent one of nature’s greatest mysteries. Curious? Read more at!


Image courtesy of the Namibrand Nature Reserve
Image courtesy of the Namibrand Nature Reserve

Endangered Bonobos Reveal Evolution of Human Kindness

Where did human kindness come from? Researchers believe they may have found the answer by studying endangered bonobos.

Image courtesy of Christian Ziegler Photography
Image courtesy of Christian Ziegler Photography


Sliced Glass ‘Paintings’ by Lauren Stump

Lauren Stump practices a rare art form known as “Sliced Glass.” Learn all about it and see pictures of his amazing creations here!




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