Mother’s Day Gifts For New Moms

Pregnancy and motherhood

are the most beautiful and significantly

life-altering events that I have ever experienced.

~Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Being a new mom brings so many life changes. From sleepless nights to first giggles, motherhood is certainly an adventure. Therefore, when Mother’s Day rolls around, new moms particularly deserve a special gift. Here are a few ideas for Mother’s Day gifts for new moms.

  1. Photo frames to capture forever moments.

Handmade Brown Saa Paper Photo Frame 4x6Home is where the heart is, where you hang your hat, and where you display moments caught in time. The first year of a child’s life is filled with a multitude of milestones, each one showcasing love and growth.  What better way to display the joy of motherhood than with a Handmade Saa Paper Photo Frame. This particular frame is composed of dried flowers, frozen in time on a mulberry bark paper. What I love about this frame is its individuality. Being hand made, each frame possesses its own uniqueness, mirroring our own lives as parents.

2. Gifts that pamper

Women's Short Silk Robe - Golden Dusk

This women’s short silk robe will have every new mother feeling refreshed and desirable. The pale yellow flowers against the backdrop of black silk gives an elegant feel. Measuring with 3/4 length sleeves, tie, and belt, it’s the perfect gift for a sleep-deprived mother celebrating her first Mother’s Day.

3. Every woman needs accessories

Blue Maya Leather Accent Cotton Shoulder Bag

A new handbag will always add new life to any wardrobe. This Blue Maya leather accent cotton shoulder bag will carry all those important new mommy items: cell phone, cards, pacifier, keys, and much more. Lined and trimmed with leather, this three pocket, zipper bag offers mom the style she needs to make it from playdates to the office, never missing a beat in between.


4. Jewelry

Handmade Floral Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Of course, jewelry will always be one of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts. Nothing compares to  unwrapping a new piece, especially when it’s an item that can be passed down from mother to daughter or daughter-in-law. This handmade, floral sterling silver pendant necklace is absolutely gorgeous. The lotus flower, a Hindu symbol of divinity, centers the piece. It is created by the artisan, Kadek Hendra, who is known for his beautiful, unique creations.

5. Home decor

red murano vase

This Red Murano Inspired Handblown Vase from Brazil is sure to sit well in any home. The handcrafted, glass blown vase holds a magnificent red tear drop, the embodiment of motherhood. Whether they are tears of joy or sadness, it all places a role in being a mother. This piece will not only be a one-time gift but also an item that can set a room or hold daily, fresh flowers from your personal garden. Either way, you’re sure to make a mother happy.

Through and through, motherhood is the most rewarding part of life, and giving a new mom a well thought out gift will be all the more important on her special day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the young and old{er} mothers out there! May this day, and all the days to come be a blessing.

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