Mexican Splendor – Taxco Silver Jewelry

Long before international visitors started arriving in droves, even before the Spanish set foot in the Americas, the silver mines of Taxco were in operation. They turned out some of the purest silver, which found its way into precious offerings to the Aztec gods, ceremonial gifts — and yes, jewelry.

With its mountainous terrain and rich mines, it’s not surprising that the area of Taxco became an essential producer of raw silver and other metals. While those mines have since been depleted (the silver is now mined in a nearby town), the craftsmen of Taxco de Alarcón — like Guillermo ArreguiAlon DillerFrancisco Sanchez, and Angel Ortiz — continue to flourish today.

Their skills have been passed down for generations, and their masterful works continue to lure visitors from far and wide. The artisans who create Taxco silver jewelry are some of the most talented and sought-after in the world. Pre-Hispanic and native Mexican influence are alive and well in these incredible works.

Bring in the season in handmade style! Treat yourself or those you love to a gorgeous piece of jewelry from Mexico. Discover Taxco silver earrings, bracelets studded in turquoise, gemstone pendants, and unique rings forged in metal. There is always something for everyone.


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