The Perfect Backdrop for a Mermaid Party

Do you have children in your house who occasionally grow fish tails and spend their days under the sea? I have two little mermaids in my home (and any time I’m invited to play I have three!). My oldest daughter has a loft bed (think bunk bed without the bed on the bottom) and we have blue lights strung up under it to create an ocean environment.

I’ve actually been on the hunt for something to put on the walls that will keep the creative play going. I’ve seen many pretty prints of mermaids, but nothing ever really spoke to me until I saw this applique wall hanging on the Novica website:

Mermaid Wall Hanging

I thought this medium of art would be perfect for kids because it practically begs to be touched. I have watched my girls slowly go over the entire mermaid wall hanging, pouring over the details and breathing life into each and every creature in the piece.

As for me, I have also been examining the work, stitch-by-stitch. I have been thinking about the artist, Maria Uyauri, who lives in Peru (a country I have had the great pleasure of visiting!). Maria has been honing her craft as an artist working with fabrics for well over a decade. Isn’t she gifted? I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to bring her art into my family’s home. Novica is an amazing outlet for artists to showcase their goods to a global audience and for anyone who appreciates the unique joy of making a purchase from someone who pours their heart into their craft. You can absolutely see and feel that passion in Maria’s work. The detail is phenomenal.

Mermaid Wall Hanging


Our beautiful mermaid wall hanging inspires creative play in our home by being hung up in our “under the sea” area. These mermaids dance and play and go on adventures right next to my little mermaids. The sea creatures on the wall hanging are starting to be integrated into the play time, as well.

Perhaps your home could use a medium of art that is also an invitation to play? Wall hangings allow you to experience art with your eyes as well as with your hands, and the themes you will find from the Novica artists will light up your imagination.

And if you like the idea of art that draws you in, you simply must take a look at the watercolor paintings created by Novica artists. To call them breathtaking is to only scratch the surface of their beauty. They are definitely worth browsing. And for those of you out there who love the idea of taking an adventure (even if you aren’t leaving your home!) have a look at the gift ideas for the adventurer on the Novica website. You’ll find amazing treasures there that will remind you of past adventures or simply beckon you to take a new one.

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