ITC and NOVICA Collaborate to Provide Opportunities to Artisans Worldwide


The International Trade Centre and NOVICA are collaborating to promote global artisans in the ITC’s ‘Partnerships4Purpose’ program. A recent article on the ITC website highlighted the initiatives that are made possible through this strong and meaningful collaboration. The ITC’s mandate emphasizes economic empowerment and fairly paid job opportunities for women, youth, refugees, migrants and other vulnerable populations.

“By combining ITC’s core work on small businesses with the product-based training and support offered by NOVICA, this partnership ensures that the makers of unique, sustainable products earn a decent living to support their families and communities.”

A brief video from the perspective of women artisans in Central America emphasizes the impact of ITC and NOVICA’s collaboration on women-led businesses in that region. Moving forward, the ITC plans to expand its reach to Central Asia and eventually Africa to further support artisans and develop more business opportunities in those areas.SHOP FROM WOMEN ARTISANS IN CENTRAL AMERICA

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