How to find her ring size (without her knowing!)

How to find her ring size without her knowing

When it comes to buying rings for a lady, finding out which ring size to buy can be even trickier than finding out what her style is. So how do you ensure a good fit? Well, whether you’re trying to find the perfect engagement ring or just want to mix up your next jewelry gift, there are ways to go about finding her correct ring size without her knowing. Here are a few:

The Insider

Ask her friends or family if they know her ring size: one of them may have gotten her a ring as a gift in the past and remember the size. Women also sometimes like to try on each other’s jewelry, so one of her friends or sisters might know! Just make sure your accomplice knows how to keep a secret, especially if you’re shopping for an engagement ring.

How to find her ring size
Garnet cocktail ring: ‘Scarlet Starlight,’ by Komang Wijayana

The Heist

Identify a ring that she wears and note which finger she wears it on. You’ll be measuring it against a ring sizing chart, which you can download here. When she’s not wearing the ring, take it and place it on the printed chart, finding where the inside of the band matches the outside of the circle. (If it’s in-between sizes, order the next size up.) If it’s a ring she wears everyday, you’ll have to be a bit sneakier and either distract her or wait until she’s sleeping or in the shower before measuring it, but she’ll be none the wiser.

How to find her ring size
Blue topaz wrap ring: ‘Face to Face,’ by Alok Jain

The Old Switcharoo

Next time you’re out with her, pretend like you’re shopping for a ring for your mother or sister. Ask her to try on a few different rings “just for reference” and see which size fits best. She might even tell you outright what her ring size is! As an added bonus, you’ll get to hear her opinion on what styles of rings she prefers.

How to find her ring size
Gold plated filigree flower ring: ‘Yellow Rose’ by Giuliana Valz-Gen


  • Every finger is a different ring size, so be sure to get the right size for the finger you intend the ring for!
  • Ring sizes tend to be about a half size larger for the hand we write with.
  • If you’re buying a wide-band ring, order a size up for a comfortable fit.

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New Customers

 Have you had to channel your inner super spy to find out her ring size? Are there any tactics we missed? Tell us about it in the comments!

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diamond engagement rings
diamond engagement rings
6 years ago

Great post Allison! I think “the old switcheroo” risks arousing suspicion particularly if you’ve never brought jewellery in your life or you both have been talking about the idea of marriage but i definitely think the heist is a great idea, she’ll just think she’s misplaced it and will be relieved when it turns up again! – Juliette