The Hottest Fall Fashion Trends for 2017

Fall will be here in just a few more weeks and we can already see everything changing around us. In preparation for this new season and with the changes, a new fall and winter wardrobe is a must have not just because of the temperature drops but because the same way trees will change their leaves, we will be changing the bright summer colors for earthy fall colors. It is also the time of the year when we can use scarfs, capes and the always trendy jackets to complete the fall look.

Be bold

New season and wardrobes give you the opportunity to spice things up and change your appearance a bit. I like to start with new trends and colors and by adding one or two statement pieces that add a fun bold touch to the wardrobe such as an oversize ring, a wide bracelet or even something as simple as a cardigan can help you to create a fun new look for the fall and winter.

Andean Secret Alpaca Wool Art Knit Cardigan Sweater

Play with the shapes

Fall fashion is filled with asymmetric pieces that can accentuate or hide depending on the way you wear it and can be your best ally when setting up an outfit and can be often dressed up or down as a result. For that effect, an open front cardigan sweater that can be worn open or closed is a must have.

Bold Diagonal Black And White Alpaca Blend Open Front Cardigan Sweater

Ponchos and capes are also a good alternative and one of the best ways to get a comfortable and easy to wear piece of clothing that is versatile enough to use in many scenarios. The NOVICA artisans from Peru have mastered the creation of these versatile asymmetric pieces delivering an amazing selection that will get you on the right path to this year’s fall fashion trends.

Memories Past Bohemian Poncho in Brown and White Stripes from Peru

New colors and textures

Fall and winter are great to add new colors and textures to your wardrobe and experiment with different fabric blends like sweaters knitted from a luxurious baby alpaca wool blend that are made using natural fibers that are very soft to the touch .

Sechura Sands Brown and White Baby Alpaca Blend Hooded Sweater Coat

Earth tones originate from clay earth pigments, such as umber, ochre, and sienna are considered earth tone colors, and neutral natural colors are also great fall colors that can be combined with darker earth tones to create a complete palate that is easily accessorized with gold, bronze and leather jewelry.

Black and gray are also very popular fall and winter colors and can be worn together or used to tone down other colors.

Wraps and Ruanas

Fun and versatile wraps can transform any outfit in a matter of seconds. They can be worn with different clothing styles and are really easy to wear. Unlike what you might think, wraps can be found in lightweight materials that are perfect for when the season is starting to change and you just need an extra layer of clothing.

 Product ID: 209520 Send to a friend Nature's Ethereal Inspiration Guatemalan Rayon Chenille Shawl Fall colors fall fashion trends

There are of course heavier weight fabrics for later on in the season to help you stay warm without sacrificing your style.

Don’t forget to accessorize

A fall themed bag will complete the look and you can choose between many different styles to complement your outfit.  A backpack for everyday wear or something a bit more sophisticated like a leather or wool handbag would work well for a more formal look.

Winter Skies Alpaca wool blend backpack gray black stripes Fall Fashion trends

Making a difference 

When purchasing from the NOVICA catalog, you are directly impacting the lives of thousands of artisans from all over the world.  Your help enriches the lives and communities of thesetalented craftsmen and women.

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Michael john
Michael john
3 years ago

The backpack design is so wonderful !

Michael john
Michael john
3 years ago

oh wow a great fashion design for women, I like the accessorize

3 years ago

It’s amazing to see this fall themed bag in this article. I want to know about this bag from where can i buy this?

Pamela Hofman
Pamela Hofman
Reply to  Kat
3 years ago

Thank you for your kind comments! Every image you see in our blog posts is “clickable.” Once you click on the photo, it will take you to the webpage for that specific item and you can purchase it from there. In this case, were you talking about the ‘Winter Skies’ backpack? The link to that item is here:


Pam Hofman
NOVICA Blog Editor