Handmade Handbag Heaven

I have always loved beautiful, handmade handbags.   Some of us have a passion for shoes, while others, like myself, have that same passion for handbags. It takes me awhile to find the perfect bag as I am always looking for the right color, slouch, smoothness, texture, long handle, cross body style or wristlet (the specifics go on).  I usually need to search for a couple of months to find exactly what I am looking for.  Speaking for most of us, it feels good to have a designer bag hanging off our arm.   The older I have become, the brand is not as important as the look and function, even the price!  You can spend hundreds of dollars on a handbag or you can support an artisan on a handmade, detailed, gorgeous bag!

With the beginning of fall, I tend to lean toward the more classic colors.   These colors draw me in as they match my outerwear and boots.  I was in need of a classic, clean line bag in leather.  After looking at the large selection of leather handmade handbags, I found  a simple, elegant black and brown Peruvian Leather Handbag.

The bag arrived wrapped in this beautiful gift wrap.  What a special way to receive my purchase and it took receiving my handbag to an entire new level.  It was like a thank you.

NOVICA Free Gift Wrap

This bag is spacious with an 11 inch height along with an 11.5 inch width.  It’s perfect with the 5 inch gusset.  The handles are long enough to wear over your shoulder or to tote at the market.  Arturo Martinez is the designer who crafted this gorgeous bag of soft leather.  The bag is lined in black with two pockets for your cell phone and cosmetics.  A perfect bag in so many ways.

Handmade Handbag

If you have never taken the time to look around at NOVICA, now is the time.  Color and beauty surrounds you!  Take a look at these unique, colorful bags.  What great bags to bring you into the fall and winter months.  A touch of color is usually what we need this time of year.

Handmade Handbags

What do you look for in a new handbag?  Are you looking for something unique and different?  These bags come in all shapes and sizes.  I know you will find what you are looking for, in fact you might find one or two.  With the holidays right around the corner pick up something special for your mom, sister or best friend!  They will love it!


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