Handcrafted Mother and Daughter Sculpture: The Bond Between Mother and Child

With Christmas quickly approaching, I turn to Novica, a well known site that connects artisans from around the world with a free platform to sell within a global market, to purchase high quality, unique gifts for my family. This Mother and Daughter Sculpture is simply remarkable. Handcrafted by a Bali artisan, Eka, who has young children of her own, this work of art displays the mother’s protective affection and her daughter’s trusting love. Eka lost her husband in 2009 and decided to honor his memory by continuing to carve sculptures, something she had learned from her father at a young age. Her children are her biggest motivation, keeping her spirit up and going strong.

Bali Mother and Daughter Sculpture
Bali Mother and Daughter Sculpture

With a young daughter myself, I related to Eka’s story and so took the opportunity to purchase an item, that even though will be displayed in our home for years to come, will one day be passed down to my own daughter to be cherished with her own family. And since I chose this as a gift, the package arrived gift wrapped in the most gorgeous paper and hand made straw ornamentation. My daughter was simply thrilled when she held the package and carefully unwrapped it so as to save the delicate straw bow.


I also added a personal note with this gift. It arrived with the package as well as a note from the artisan herself. It’s these personal touches that I appreciate from NOVICA. Being able to connect with the person who actually made the sculpture, who held it in her hands while carving it, living her own life, thousands of miles away from me, yet both of us mothers, both of us centered around our family. This isn’t just a mass produced item and when I look over at it, I’m not only reminded of the bond I share with my daughter, but I’m also grateful for the opportunity to support another woman simply providing for her own family with her talents and gifts.


As with this gift, and the several others that I’ve ordered, the package arrived within a timely manner, true to it’s description of size and weight, yet also, printed on the receipt contained within the private message, was the return policy, explained simply in case I needed to send the item back.

Other items I enjoy from this artisan include:Unique Coconut Shell Sculpture – Rainforest Elephant, the Wood Sculpture from Indonesia – Yoga Circle of Love, and the Coconut Shell Carving – Palm Fronds all of which are beautifully made and would greatly enhance any home’s decor.

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