Gift Ideas for October Birthdays

October babies are lucky–they have two stones associated with their birth month!  Opal and tourmaline are two stunning gemstones that make it easy to find gifts for jewelry lovers born in the tenth month.

Pink Opal and Sterling Silver Hand Crafted Necklace, 'Sweet Sigh'

I absolutely love opal, and not just because it can be found in so many different hues.  There’s just something about its smooth, glowing appearance that delights me.  It takes on a pink shade in the shiny droplet of rose opal pictured above.  Below, button earrings feature a greenish Andean opal, which is traditionally associated with feelings of devotion and hope.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver and Green Opal Button Earrings, 'Green Vibrations'

Blue is a quite common hue for opal, and it is beautifully represented in this cocktail ring. Doesn’t the pale blue stone seem to glow?!

Indian Jewelry Cocktail Ring with Opal and Sterling Silver, 'Blue Promise'

Long Sterling Silver Station Necklace with Lilac Tourmaline, 'Spaces'

Tourmaline is equally lovely and can also be found in a variety of colors.  Above is a necklace featuring a gorgeous purple shade of this special gemstone. The pink tourmaline solitaire ring below is simultaneously elegant, ladylike, and eye-catching.

Pink Tourmaline Solitaire Ring in Brushed Satin Silver 925, 'Lanna Belle'

Tourmaline is found in a green hue as well which doubles up nicely with the more feminine pink shade in the earrings below.  I love the unique, cascading waterfall design!

Multi-color Tourmaline and Sterling Silver Artisan Jewelry, 'Rejoice'

Hand Crafted 7 Carats Citrine Sterling Silver Brooch Pin, 'Marigold Sunshine'

The birth flower for the month of October is the marigold. It’s a flower whose beautiful shape lends itself to everything from jewelry to furniture to clothing.  The citrine brooch above is so elegant and can easily make a regular outfit more festive and fancy.  The bold marigold necklace shown below makes use of carnelian and garnet stones to create a large and stylish blossom.

Fair Trade Floral Carnelian Necklace, 'Bold Marigold'

oaxaca black pottery decorative ceramic vase black marigold Artisan crafted collectible display art

Every table would benefit from the simple presence of this beautiful vase which features cutout marigold motifs.  The piece has such an interesting finish! Another piece featuring the easily recognizable marigold is the table below. The accent table is crafted using cedar wood and topped with a layer of leather. (Be sure to use a coaster!) It is a lovely example of the rich heritage of woodwork in Peru.

Colonial Wood Leather Brown Side Table Furniture, 'Colonial Marigold'

Hand Crafted Flower Theme Marble Inlay Jewelry Box, 'Marigolds'

Two final items that put the marigold front and center are the gorgeous jewelry box above and the colorful cushion covers below. The jewelry box is a wonderful example of the art of marble inlay, as ordinary stones become beautiful marigolds surrounded by brilliant blue leaves. The artist actually adapts the techniques used in the Taj Mahal to create this box!  The cushion covers show marigolds in Earth tones. Sequins on the front are sure to catch one’s eye, if the marigold designs don’t do the trick first!

Floral Patterned Cushion Covers (Pair), 'Indian Marigolds'

My mother’s birthday is in October, and I’m very glad there are so many unique gifts options for her!  Whether you want to focus on October’s birthstone or the month’s birth flower, it should be no trouble at all to find a special and thoughtful gift.

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