What Should I Get for a Hostess Gift?

I feel particularly qualified to answer this question because hostess gifts are something I find myself constantly shopping for.

When shopping for hostess gifts, I like to focus on home decor elements because they are something that can be enjoyed by the whole family. NOVICA offers so many one-of-a-kind treasures from all over the world that make the perfect gift. Whatever the occasion may be, a gift for your host will go a long way in demonstrating your appreciation and gratitude.

Steel Welcome Sign Outdoor Living from Mexico Squirrel's Happy Welcome Hostess Gift

What’s the Occasion?

Consider the occasion when selecting a gift for your host. If your friend is hosting you overnight or for a weekend, you will want to splurge a little more than you would if you were attending a dinner party. Consider the money you will be saving on a hotel and spring for something nice! Either way, it is important never to show up empty-handed when someone welcomes you into their home.


'Festive Feast' Fair Trade Mexican Talavera Ceramic Canape Platter Hostess Gift

We all have that friend that will find any excuse to throw a party. You know, the “hostess with the mostess.” For this friend, consider selecting a unique platter that they can show off at their next gathering. The “Festive Feast” is one of my favorites. It is so versatile and can be used for appetizers before a dinner party, or for chips and dip on movie night.


Round Hand Crafted Watertight Ceramic Bud Vase from Thailand Seaward Sand Hostess Gift

A hand-crafted piece of pottery is my personal “go-to” when purchasing hostess gifts. NOVICA has hundreds of options in a variety of price points that you can tailor to the tastes of your recipient.  I recently purchased a beautiful gift by the Huaman Paucar Family, knowing that the recipient had spent time in Cuzco, Peru. This added detail was something that really resonated.

Hand-blown Glass Tableware

Vizz Mexican Multicolored Blown Glass 8 oz Martini Glasses Fair Trade Hostess Gift

Hand-blown glass is a relevant gift for any occasion. If you know your host’s favorite color or style, that is a good place to start! NOVICA offers a multitude of products from pitchers to drinkware in fun, colorful options, as well as those that are more simplistic.

Holiday Party Gifts

Hill Tribe Red Cotton Christmas Peace Theme Wall Hanging Hostess Gift Fair Trade

As the holidays approach, so will the parties. Don’t forget to bring something to celebrate the season and ring in holiday cheer. NOVICA offers unique selections such as candleholders, wall hangings, and ornaments that are sure to spread the magic.

Upcycled auto part tealight candleholder, 'Industrial Chic' Hostess Gift

Remember: Don’t get caught showing up empty-handed when someone welcomes you into their home.

Next time you find yourself shopping for a hostess gift, consider one of these hand-crafted gifts from NOVICA. Your host will appreciate the thoughtfulness and uniqueness of your gift. Furthermore, they will love that your gift is helping NOVICA better the lives of artisans in remote areas of the world.


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