Dinner Party Decor: How to Style Your Next Dinner Party with Festive Table Linens and Serving Pieces

When a host decides to throw a dinner party, many aspects of the gathering need to be planned. One of the first things to decide is the theme for the evening. Without being overly elaborate, a theme for a dinner party can help to coordinate the décor, food and drink for the whole evening. Choosing a few key dinner party decor items that can be used for casual events, formal affairs or everyday entertaining is essential for a well-styled event.

talavera serverware

Even though the kitchen can be the heart of the house, the dining table for a dinner party is the focus of a memorable event. Setting the table for a party, family dinner or just every day doesn’t have to be a boring, burdensome task. Incorporating a few versatile table linens can brighten up any space.

Choosing table linens can be based on various factors like color, design, and usability. First, many hosts choose table linens based on color. If your kitchen has many blues, table linens that complement blue many be helpful. Others prefer picking favorite colors like purples or greens. Lastly, a neutral set of table linens can be quite versatile.

Bali Flora Table Linens Brown Leaf pattern Tassels. Table runner, placemats. Napkins.


The handmade floral table runner and placemats set, ‘Bali Flora’, is a wonderful neutral option. The florals with brown can be used for a formal dinner party, a casual family dinner or just used every day on the table. The pieces of the set can be used together or separately. This type of table linen set can be a lovely addition to any home.

For a dinner party, table linens can be the backdrop for the tablescape. For a table used as a buffet, the table runner can hold the various serving dishes. Additionally, placemats can be arranged around the table to hold serving pieces and dishes. The traditional table linen set can be designed in several ways to add to its versatility.

Once the table is ready for the dinner party, a few key serving pieces can make the food even more appetizing. A serving piece can serve many functions. It can be decorative, functional or a combination of both. Having a variety of serving dishes in the cabinet can help with any dinner party.

ceramic plates NOVICA platter service green leaves

Unique Celadon Ceramic Plates Living Leaf Handmade Art NOVICA Thailand Fair Trade NOVICA

A great serving dish option for a dinner party is a multi-piece set. For example, the Green Garden ceramic plate set is perfect for dinner parties. The larger plate can be used for the main dish. The smaller dishes can be used for condiments or side dishes. The color of this serving dish set is lovely for casual dinners, formal parties or just a typical weeknight dinner. A serving dish set is essential for any dinner party.

Other serving dishes can be helpful for any dinner party. From classic wooden serving dishes to ceramic platters to decorative bowls, these serving dishes can complement the table linens on the table. Serving utensils and accessories add functionality and style. Color coordination or style similarities can make the table very festive for a dinner party. The most important aspect for any setting is that the host loves what she places on the table.

Round Wood serving dish Nature Hand carved Artisan Platter NOVICA Fair Trade

Puebla Kaleidoscope Talavera Serving Dish Hand Painted blue white rectangular serving bowl NOVICA Fair Trade Art

Once the table is set with table linens and the serving pieces are on the table, the fun of the dinner party begins. Good times, vibrant conversations and memorable moments await around the table. When is your next dinner party?

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