Exquisite Jewelry Boxes, Chests and Rolls

Unique Jewelry Boxes

Keeper of Secrets

It holds priceless keepsakes, passed down through the years. New jewelry splurges that lift the spirit. Tokens and memories of adventures past, and precious gifts from loved ones.

The perfect jewelry box is a treasure unto itself — designed to hold the most meaningful treasures in your life. This holiday season, show your love with a handmade jewelry box crafted with joy.

Featured above: Papier Mache box by Mohammad Hussain Baba


 Decoupage Boxes

Unique Jewelry Boxes
Decoupage Jewelry Box, “Huichol Portal”

Raw wood, vibrant designs, varnish, gilt, paint, and imagination blend together seamlessly to create these enchanting decoupage jewelry boxes.

Ornate Carved Wood

Unique Jewelry Boxes
Carved Wood Jewelry Box, “Florid Cameo”

Mesmerizing designs and meticulously hand-carved motifs adorn the outside of these gorgeous boxes from Indian artisan M. Ayub.

Reverse Painted Glass

Unique Jewelry Boxes
Reverse Painted Glass Jewelry Chest, “Earth Splendor”

Hand-painted on the reverse side of glass with painstaking attention to detail, these gorgeous jewelry boxes delight in color, scenes from everyday life, and natural imagery.

Papier Mache Boxes

Unique Jewelry Boxes
Blue and Gold Papier Mache and Wood Decorative Box, “Kashmir Sapphire”

Artisans across Asia preserve this traditional craft, producing keepsake boxes of all shapes and sizes to store your precious things.

Marble Inlay

Unique Jewelry Boxes
Handcrafted Marble Inlay Jewelry Box, “Mughal Ivy”

Floral motifs in reds, blues, and greens, often combined with traditional jali cutout work, create a jewelry box that feels both exquisitely delicate and sturdy in its gleaming white marble.

Jewelry Stands

Unique Jewelry Boxes
Wood Leaf-Themed Jewelry Holder “Daun Salam in Black”

Sculptural, with clean lines and powerful forms, these jewelry stands take the shape of hands reaching upward, trees with branches raised, or framed elegance to hold precious wares.

Jewelry Rolls

Unique Jewelry Boxes
Jewelry Roll in Green from Thailand, “Floral Fashionista”

With the softness of silk, the lushness of velvet, and the richness of handsewn applique, these jewelry rolls are a warm embrace for the most precious pieces in your collection.

More Decorative Boxes

Unique Jewelry Boxes
Tooled Leather, Cedar Embellished Jewelry Box, “Guardian Birds”

Carved wood, tooled leather, elegant soapstone, intricate beadwork are just some of the elements that adorn these decorative boxes, home to trinkets, jewelry, and your most loved keepsakes.

How It’s Made

Matters of the heart are a family affair. Watch this incredible husband and wife team create a decoupage jewelry box from start to finish. Raw wood and paper become more than the sum of their parts in the elegance of the finished product.

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