Do ponchos come in different styles?

Yes! Their styles are as varied as the materials used to craft them.
Wool ponchos and Indian cashmere are favorites for autumn and winter. With its exceptional lightweight warmth, alpaca is the coziest of natural fibers. The weight of the fabric and its open spaces affect the drape as well as the warmth.
You’ll find ponchos with cowl or turtlenecks, boat necks, V-necks and more. They come in solid colors, plaid, patterned and open mesh. Some are reversible, others have hoods. Voluptuous hand-crocheted trim and hand-knotted fringe dress up the poncho for cool evening events. And a single poncho can be worn with the points in front or at the sides for two different looks.
While many consider the Mexican serape a poncho, technically, it is not. The serape is folded and worn on one shoulder. The Andean ruana cloak is also similar but it is open in the front or may have buttons.

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