Deliver Joy – The Wide Spectrum of Unique Gifts

Mate Gourd Bird Ornament (Set of 6), "Christmas Owls" Unique Gifts
Mate Gourd Bird Ornaments “Christmas Owls”

Every time you purchase a unique, handmade item, you not only give something meaningful, you also impact an artisan’s life. Discover rare finds and one-of-a-kind treasures that spread true happiness this season.

Rest, Recharge, Revitalize

Sun Motif Bamboo Wind Chimes in Black from Bali, "Breezy Sound" Unique Gifts
Sun Motif Bamboo Wind Chimes from Bali, “Breezy Sound”

Give a gift that uplifts the spirit. One that strengthens the mind and empowers the body. From stretchy yoga pants and hand-carved Buddha statues to Om jewelry and meditation chimes, discover gifts that rejuvenate.

Quirky at Heart

Hand-Painted Pinewood Chameleon Figurine from Guatemala, "Colorful Chameleon" Unique Gifts
Hand-Painted Pinewood Figurine from Guatemala, “Colorful Chameleon”

Find the perfect gift for those who march to the beat of a different drummer, who take the road less traveled, who think outside the box. For all those who clichés can’t capture, we celebrate your uniqueness.

Form Meets Function

Black Lacquered Wood Wine Bottle Holder, "Thai Elegance" Unique Gifts
Lacquered Wood Wine Bottle Holder, “Thai Elegance”

This season, give a gift that is gorgeous to look at and wonderful to use. Baskets, bowls, catchalls transform a house into a home. Small touches that are big on style. Practical never looked so good.

Environmentally Conscious Gifts

Hand-Painted Eco-Friendly Decorative Vase in Orange, "Natural Sunset" Unique Gifts
Hand-Painted Eco-Friendly Decorative Vase, “Natural Sunset”

This category is growing in popularity as more and more people decide to make choices with the environment in mind. Beautiful gift items that benefit our homes and ourselves will always be received with appreciation.

Gift Wrapped Boxes with our Wooden 'Puzzle Set' and 'Gleaming Lotus' Tealight Holder, both from Thailand Unique Gifts
Gift Wrapped Boxes with our Wooden ‘Puzzle Set’ and ‘Gleaming Lotus’ Tealight Holder, both from Thailand

Wow them before they unwrap their gift. Select Premium Gift Wrap during checkout and elevate your gifting to new heights. Our custom regional-motif gift wrap features colorful artistic ribbons with an engraved plaque. Ensure your gifts are unforgettable.

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