Decorating for an Elegant Home

Home décor is a reflection of your style and quite often your personality. How you portray that style to friends and family is the first thing you need to decide when decorating your home. Having an elegantly decorated home does not have to be an impossible dream. You can achieve it by simply adding the right décor elements.

Keep It Clutter-Free

An uncluttered space is the key to a well-decorated home. Keep in mind that sometimes less is more, and you can achieve a sophisticated and elegant look with simple yet well-chosen pieces of décor.

Chose a Color Pallet and Stick to It

Once you have chosen the colors for your home, start adding décor pieces to enhance them.

If you decide to go with white or similarly neutral colors, you can either choose pieces that contrast and pop or go with something more subtle to keep a serene atmosphere in the room.

Elegant Home Thai Trumpets Handmade Mango Wood Vases
‘Thai Trumpets’ Handmade Mango Wood Vases

Area Rugs

Using area rugs for different rooms of the home allows you to create spaces with their own personality and tie the rest of the décor used in the room together. A bright and fun rug like the coral reef modern coastal orange and ivory wool area rug would make a great contrasting element against light-colored walls in off-white or cream.

Coral Reef Modern Coastal Orange/Ivory Wool Area Rug Elegant Home
‘Coral Reef’ Modern Coastal Orange and Ivory Wool Area Rug

Small Accents Can Make a Huge Difference

You don’t need large objects to decorate a room. As a matter of fact, small objects—like a beautiful decorative box—placed in the right spot can make a great addition to any room décor.

Sunflower Compass Floral Marble Jewelry Box from India Elegant home
‘Sunflower Compass’ Floral Marble Jewelry Box from India

The candleholders from the NOVICA catalog are a great example. You can choose something like the copper-plated steel floral tea light candleholders above for a pop of color and still have that elegant and chic look.

Home, home acents, tea light, candles elegant Home
‘Flower Glow’ Copper Plated Steel Floral Tealight Candle Holders

Don’t Forget the Baskets

Baskets can not only help you decorate any room in your home but are also a great way to keep everything tidy and clutter-free. NOVICA’s artisans from all over the world bring you an amazing selection of handmade baskets made from different materials and featuring colors that are close to impossible to find anywhere else. The astonishing Indonesian hand-beaded natural-fiber basket from Bali and Java featured below is just one example.

baskets, home decor, handmade baskets Elegant Home
‘Bali Latte’ Balinese Beaded Ate Grass Basket With Lid

Outdoor Spaces

Décor does not have to be limited to indoors. You can also bring a classic touch to your front and backyard by creating a little oasis for you and your family and friends to enjoy. Add a couple of planters, a seating area, and one of the many handmade hammocks from the NOVICA artisans from different parts of the world, such as Mexico, Guatemala, and Brazil!

You can find a multitude of décor styles at NOVICA, and you’ll know you’ll be helping to improve the lives of artisans in remote areas of the world!

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