Contributor Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines carefully before applying to be a contributor.

Contributor Obligations

  • Please commit to completing a minimum of 1 article every two months, or 6 articles per year.
  • Once article assignments are chosen, please complete your chosen blog post within one month. Feel free to sign up for new assignments as you complete article assignments.
  • Promotion on your own website is not necessary (but we’d love it if you choose to).
  • Promotion on your social platforms is not necessary (but we’d love it if you choose to).
  • Please upload your material to the NOVICA WordPress platform every month.
  • Provide a short bio, along with a clear headshot avatar image for your author profile.
  • Include original photography or images from the NOVICA website in your post.
  • Grant NOVICA free use of any material you submit to our WordPress platform.
  • Please follow the post submission and content guidelines as detailed below.


Content Guidelines

Each contributor will select from a list of writing assignments their article topic to write a blog post on.  The post must be a good read, filled with your own personality, and must include clear photography, whether it is your own original photography or from the NOVICA website.


We have some specific content requirements that each contributor should follow:

  • Each article should expand on the selected article topic.
  • Please provide a descriptive post headline.
  • Provide relevant and interesting information regarding the selected topic.
  • Highlight NOVICA products or categories where relevant.
  • Include at least three links to categories related to article topic or categories and products that you suggest the reader takes a look at.  In the SAMPLE REVIEW POST, you will see links to a top-level category like accessories and then a niche category like floral skirts.  This is the perfect combination of links and will provide maximum SEO exposure for our artisans.
  • Please avoid self-promotion of your own blog or web properties within the copy of postings.


Article and Photography Delivery

  • Each article should be accompanied by original photography or photography from the NOVICA website.
  • Posts should have a minimum of 400 words.
  • Posts are submitted directly into our WordPress platform, through your own user account that we will set up for you.
  • Photos must be uploaded to our media library with a width of 800 pixels.  Length can vary. All photos must be free of watermarks, or any other type of graphics or frames.
  • Once photos are uploaded, please follow these guidelines to add photos to your post. Remember you can always hover over the image and click the pencil icon to edit your photos.
    • Place the photo centered into the article by selecting a size that is at least 800 pixels wide
    • Include a description for the photo in the Alternative Text field. Please do not include a description in the caption field.
    • If the image is of our product, please add a Custom URL in the Link To field and add a link to the product.
    • If the image is not of our product (ie. an image of our gift packaging), please select None in the Link To field
  • Please include a featured image for you post that is sized to 600×400 and is uploaded to our media library. The featured image field is on the very bottom right in WordPress.
  • Posts should be delivered before the closing date specified.


Photography Guidelines

Contributors are free to choose from any photos on the NOVICA website to include in their blog post. If including original photography,  here are some tips to capture high-quality images:

  • Make sure you shoot with plenty of light – always shoot your products during the day, in a place where there is plenty of daylight.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, as it can cause harsh shadows.  Position the items you want to photograph in the shade.
  • If shooting indoors, shoot close to a window.  If direct sunlight is shining through the window, use a window shade to diffuse the light so it is softer.
  • Be sure to use the touch screen focus tools on smartphones.  Always make sure the product is in focus.
  • Avoid overly busy backgrounds that will distract from the product.
  • Try to style the product in a way that shows its best angle, and will get other people excited about the product.
  • Please upload images to our media library with a minimum width of 800 px.  Height can vary, depending on the orientation of your image.
  • If using NOVICA imagery, please use single image photos rather than our product compilation/collage photos.


Video content allows us to highlight our artisan products in a new light and videos are fun to watch. We are offering a $25 bonus gift card if you create quality videos with your blog posts. Please follow these guidelines to submit videos:

  •  Shoot your video in the highest resolution possible, at a minimum of 1080p.
  • Upload video to your personal YouTube account.
  • Videos must be a minimum of two minutes long and include voice narration throughout the majority of the video.
  • Video content can be similar to your blog post, where you share what you love about the product. Other suggestions include: unboxing of your item, how you style your item, or highlighting item features. Remember to have fun with your videos and be yourself.
  • Embed your YouTube video link directly in your post or  email the link to once your blog post has been uploaded to WordPress. If approved, we will embed your video to your post and may highlight it on the website!


Contributor Perks

  • For each complete post, contributors will receive a $25 payment and a $25 NOVICA gift card.
  • Your own personal column on the NOVICA blog.
  • A link back to your social platforms from your column’s author homepage.
  • Every article you write impacts NOVICA artisans and their families.


Application Process

This program is open to everyone who maintains their own active blog.  All applications will be very carefully considered, with a special focus on handpicking bloggers who display good online presentation and possess an engaging writing voice.

If all this sounds like your thing, please apply below!


Program Terms & Conditions

USAGE: By uploading content (images and text) to the NOVICA blog platform, contributors acknowledge that NOVICA has the right to use all such materials for their own promotion on the NOVICA website, through email marketing campaigns, video promotions and on NOVICA’s social media channels.
CONTENT: All textual content that contributors submit to the NOVICA platform should be unique, and not be duplicated on any other online property.
DEADLINES: All contributors will have two weeks to submit their blog articles for review. Once the post is approved, contributors will receive their payment and gift card. If contributors miss their submission deadline, they will not be eligible for any new writing assignments until their previous assignment has been completed. If contributors miss a deadline by more than 2 months, their contributor status and perks will be put on hold until they become active again.

YOUR APPLICATION: Due to the limited number of spaces available, we cannot guarantee that every applicant will be accepted onto this program.  If an application has been successful, we will be in touch with instructions for the next steps.

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