Colorful Gemstone Earrings with Citrine, Peridot and Garnet

My exploration of the jewelry offered by NOVICA has introduced me to many gemstones previously unknown to me.  Yes, they have turquoise and amethyst, opal and onyx, but they also feature many less prevalent, though equally stunning stones.

Citrine dangle earrings, 'Golden Sun'

To me, citrine, a type of quartz, is the color of sunshine.  The artisan responsible for the golden sun earrings above must surely agree with me!  There are other hues too, ranging from pale yellow to brownish orange, but when I see it in a particularly bright shade, I find joy.  Some of you may be very familiar with citrine, as it is the birthstone of November.

Citrine pairs so well with a variety of stones, from lapis lazuli to turquoise, as shown below.  That pale golden shade accents just about any color under the sun – no pun intended!

.925 Silver Earrings with Citrine and Composite Turquoise, 'Golden Sky'

Sterling Silver Wreath Earrings with Citrines, 'Golden Wreath'

While there is plenty of evidence that citrine goes with a number of stones, it doesn’t need help to make a pair of earrings into something stunning!  The set above features six stones on each earring in the shape of a gorgeous wreath.

Just as citrine brings to mind the glowing sun, garnet makes me think of passion.  Though it is found in nearly every color of the rainbow, dark red is most common and, to my eyes, the most beautiful.  It is also a birthstone, as those of you born in January know well.

Fair Trade Jewelry Garnet Earrings India, 'Crimson Leaves'

Garnet can certainly stand alone, as shown above in a long strand of leaf-shaped stones.  Isn’t the boldness of the color alluring?!  I can imagine wearing jewelry featuring garnet on a date night and feeling extra self-confident because of its very presence!

Like citrine, garnet can be a team player too.  It looks absolutely lovely with chalcedony, a stone which comes in many colors. Here it has a pink hue that is as subtle as the garnet is bold. It’s a gorgeous effect and while particularly suitable for Valentine’s Day, it enhances both special occasions and ordinary days.

Garnet and Pink Chalcedony Dangle Earrings from India, 'Crimson Droplets'

Peridot is a stone with which I was unfamiliar, though it is the birthstone of my brother, who was born in August.  It occurs in only one color; a pale green with an understated beauty that is very pleasing to the eye.

Earrings featuring peridot alone range from simple but stunning studs to much more elaborate duos like the these cluster earrings, shown below.  I’ll bet that set will have you shaking your head to feel them jiggle!

Collectible Jewelry Sterling Silver Peridot Earrings, 'Lime Bouquet'

Green Turquoise and Peridot Earrings from India, 'Dew Blossom'

Peridot also goes very well with turquoise, as they make a mean green team.

One important thing to note is that citrine, garnet, and peridot are all key gems which make up the chakras. They stand out in the group of the seven stones, but also add balance and harmony.

Artisan Crafted 7 Stone Chakra Earrings, 'Color Mantra' amethyst, iolite, pale blue amazonite and peridot with golden citrine, carnelian and garnet.

Happily, you can also find earrings featuring just these particular three lovely stones.  The floral pieces below are a perfect example of how these three gems can share the spotlight while still standing out on their own.

Multigemstone Flower Earrings Crafted with Sterling Silver, 'Rosebud Glory' Citrine, peridot, garnet

It’s special and exciting to discover three gems with such beauty and versatility!

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Shelly David
Shelly David
4 years ago

Thanks For sharing it with us.