10 Christmas Gift Ideas Your Husband Will Love

Gifts For Your Husband

The men in our lives are always the hardest to shop for, and with all the gifts you’ve given him over the years, your husband is probably top of the list. If you’re wondering how to choose the perfect Christmas gifts for your husband this year, give any of these 10 ideas a try.   Watch his face light up on Christmas morning, and see him enjoy your thoughtful gift all year long!

1. Clothing gifts

Let’s face it, our husbands just don’t like spending money on clothes as much as we do. (What is wrong with them, anyway?) Even if it may seem somewhat obvious, picking up a few new things for your husband to wear makes a great Christmas present. Whether it’s a new shirt to help him look sharp at work or a cozy scarf or sweater for the weekends, he’s sure to appreciate a little extra help looking great.

2. Cufflinks or men’s jewelry

There’s nothing quite like seeing your man sharply dressed, and what better way to make him feel confident than a new pair of cufflinks or a handsome silver jewelry piece to wear on his hand or around his neck? Give your husband the gift of a smart accessory and watch the compliments roll in every time he wears it.

Christmas Gifts for Husband: Cufflinks or Men's Jewelry

3. Pampering gifts

Even though they’ll never admit it, men love to be pampered too. (And pampering gifts are especially great for the man who has everything!) Make him feel spoiled this Christmas with a soft robe, shaving kit, or hammock to relax in and let your gift keep on giving all year long.


4. Gifts that give back

Some people just don’t want to receive extra “stuff” for Christmas, and your husband might be one of them. Instead, you can give him a gift that supports a good cause, or make a donation in his name to a charity he cares about.

If you’re not sure where to start, why not give him a Kiva gift card that provides microfinance opportunities for deserving entrepreneurs and let him have the fun of choosing his recipient, tracking the loan, and receiving feedback along the way.

5. Valet and organizational gifts

A really thoughtful Christmas gift is one that’ll make your husband’s life easier in the year ahead. A new wallet, money clip, or charging station might be just what he needs to start his day with confidence and stay organized in style, no matter how busy he gets.

Christmas Gifts for Husband: Valet and Organizational Gifts

6. Traveling gifts

For the man on the go, quality travel accessories are a gift he’ll use again and again, plus he’s sure to be thinking of you on his next business trip or weekend away. Who knows, a gift of traveling accessories might even nudge him towards that special vacation the two of you have always talked about!

Christmas Gifts for Husband: Traveling Gifts

7. Gifts for the man cave

Does your husband have a den, office, or other “man cave” he likes to relax in? Make it even better with a few decorating touches, like a manly sculpture or a stately chess set — something that he’d like, but would never get for himself. There are so many ways you can get creative and help make his space feel masculine and unique — from leather furniture and decor accessories to African masks and everything in between — and you know his tastes better than anyone!

Christmas Gifts for Husband: Gifts for the Man Cave

8. Sports and adventure gifts

Sports gifts are an easy Christmas gift idea for your husband. Though he may have a favorite sport or athlete, there are plenty of options for your favorite sports fan or athlete and you can get him anything from memorabilia to pro golf lessons to a personalized jersey for his favorite team.

If he’s not a sports fan, you can still gift with the spirit of adventure and give him an adrenaline-fueled experience that he can cash in on when the weather’s warmer, like paintballing or skydiving — whatever he’s interested in. “Experience days” also make great gifts for the man who has everything!

9. Cocktail gifts

Men like to have that extra “edge” whenever they’re doing anything, and bartending is no exception. Make his Christmas special with bar accessories he’ll feel proud of, whether it’s a handsome bottle opener set or a new set of shot glasses to impress his friends.

Christmas Gifts for Husband: Cocktail Gifts

10. Gifts for his hobbies

Giving according to your husband’s hobbies is a thoughtful Christmas present that reminds him how much you care about him as a person. If you’ve already been doing this for years, the trick is to think outside the box and get him something really unique and different. Does your husband enjoy cooking? Consider wowing him with a cutting board or set of serving utensils handmade from sustainably harvested or reclaimed wood. If he’s into music, skip the usual album or concert tickets and go for an authentic African drum or even a music-themed painting. With a little creativity, the possibilities really are endless.

Christmas Gifts for Husband: Gifts for His Hobbies

Make his Christmas one to remember

Husbands may seem tough to shop for, but with a little creativity and effort, you’re sure to get something that will thrill him this Christmas. Here’s to your happy holidays and even happier husbands!

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Have you gotten your husband a gift that really wowed him? Are there any ideas that we missed? Tell us about it in the comments!

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9 years ago

A really great gift I got for my husband a few years ago before we were married was the “Cigar of the Month Club”. He LOVED it and it kept the excitement going because he never knew what kind of cigars he was going to receive in the mail for each month for 12 months.

9 years ago

There is also IPhone app (What to get my boyfriend) for that, its very nice. It asks you questions about relationship and his character,,in the end it gives you suggestions, of course you can set the budget and also his birthday reminder. Its cute and useful, I am sure they have bunch of small cheep unusual gift ideas and they as well have DIY ideas.

8 years ago

I think the tenth idea on the list, “Gift for his hobbies,” is a great one.

Like you said, it shows how much you care. It also shows how well you know your husband. On top of that, if the gift is within his hobbies, then chances are, he’ll love it! A win-win-win.

Great thoughts. Thanks!

8 years ago

My husband is a blue collar worker. These gifts are more for white collar workers. He wears a uniform and is a top notch mechanic. I would love to see more gifts for men like mine. He is the man who says I don’t want anything for Christmas and birthdays. He has every tool known to man and has never been a clothes horse. More of a home body. I need suggestions. After 32 yrs, I have exhausted all avenues, Thanx in advance, Ellen