Bollywood Jewelry: Exotic and Beautiful

Bollywood has made a profound impact on cultures all over the world, mesmerizing viewers with dramatic love stories, extravagant musical performances, not to mention over-the-top fashion ensembles! There is no holding back with their glamorous gold necklaces, jewel-studded jewelry, stacks of thick bangles, and perfectly-matching sets. The Bollywood flair is regal elegance at its finest, and we’ve put together some trend-defying looks that you can play with mid-day or on a fun night out.

The Golden Glow

Gold holds an important place in Indian culture and has held a significant part of worship and tradition for thousands of years. This precious metal symbolizes Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity – complete auspiciousness. It’s a sentimental part of certain traditions, being passed down from generation to generation and most often from mother to bride in weddings. It’s also a common gift in festivals and birthday celebrations! Gold is a traditional sign of power, status and wealth. It’s no wonder you’ll see women draped in this golden jewelry during the most celebrated moments in their lives.

Ceramic dangle earrings, 'Golden Pebbles' Bollywood Jewelry
‘Golden Pebbles’ Hand-Painted Metallic Golden Ceramic Jhumka Earrings
Jaipur Sun 22k Gold Vermeil and Amethyst Necklace India Bollywood Jewelry
‘Jaipur Sun’ 22k Gold Vermeil and Amethyst Necklace

Ceramic dangle earrings, 'Golden Pebbles'The Perfect Match

Nothing’s better than finding a gorgeous necklace with some matching earrings to go along with it. No one likes the hassle of pairing and matching their jewelry – these details can be tough! From necklace and earring duos to bracelet and earring combinations, perfectly-matched jewelry sets make it easy to take your outfit to the next level.

Carnelian and amethyst jewelry set Bollywood Jewelry
‘Enthralled’ Carnelian and amethyst jewelry set
India grass jewelry set, 'Beautiful Bihar' Bollywood Jewelry
‘Beautiful Bihar’ India grass jewelry set

Mix It Up

Pairing different metals and stones is another fun and creative way to make a fashion statement. Throw any rules against wearing gold and silver together out the door and be daring with more juxtaposed looks! There are so many ways to go about this. When it comes to rings, go ahead and stack them atop one another, or decorate multiple fingers at different heights for an eye-catching look. You can also play with different-colored bangles, combining different colors and widths to create the look you’ve always wanted. Match differing shapes and sizes for more contrasted and trend-defying looks! Have fun with mismatching earrings as well, playing with different lengths to add just the right amount of quirkiness that will instantly elevate your look.

Amethyst stacking rings, 'Inspirational' (set of 3) Bollywood Jewelry
‘Inspirational’ Amethyst stacking rings
Handcrafted bangle bracelets, 'Dreams in Aqua' (set of 3)
‘Dreams in Aqua’ Fair Trade Embellished Bangle Bracelet Set

Be fun, daring and bold! Remember that with Bollywood fashion, it’s more about flaunting all that you can rather than highlighting just one statement piece. Don’t be afraid to drape yourself in layers and layers of jewels to deliver a stunning and memorable look. NOVICA offers you endless options, and gives you the opportunity to help artisans from around the world share their amazing work!

Every purchase supports NOVICA’s mission to spread happiness by celebrating exploration, empowering artists, and preserving global culture

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