The Best Mothers Day Gifts – Our Top Picks

The best Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is almost upon us once again, and naturally, you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift! Flowers, chocolates, and a nice card are all well and good, but the best Mothers Day gifts will be a little more creative. Whether you’re shopping for Mothers Day gifts for grandma, for your wife, or for a new mother, read on to discover our top handmade picks for 2015!

Beyond flowers

Any mother will love a gift of beautiful flowers, but this year why not take it to the next level? Bringing her flowers in a gorgeous handmade vase is a thoughtful take on this classic gift — she’ll know you didn’t just stop at the grocery store on the way over! We recommend the ‘Aquamarine’ vase from Mexico ($49.99), which is handblown from recycled glass in a stylish and soothing shade of ocean blue. (Moms will also appreciate your commitment to Mother Earth with this eco-friendly gift!)

Best Mother's Day Gifts - Aquamarine Vase

Swing by and make her day

Extend an invitation for relaxation when you surprise her this year with a handmade hammock! We think hammocks make some of the best Mothers Day gifts because they allow Mom to grab some extra time to unwind all by herself. Our top pick? The ‘Peaceful’ hammock from Brazil ($119.99), which will soothe and delight her in shades of deep green and tranquil blue.


Best Mother's Day Gifts - 'Peaceful' Hammock

Hostess with the mostest

For the mom who loves entertaining, spring decor, or both, handmade celadon tableware is a great “outside-the-box” gift. The pretty green glaze is perfect for the season, and every mom will love owning a piece of one of Thailand’s most unique art traditions. Our favorite celadon gift this Mothers Day is the ‘Orchids’ set of four plates ($49.99), featuring an eclectic yet beautiful mix of four different colors. Feel like going the extra mile? Whip up her favorite dessert item and serve it to her in style!

Best Mothers Day Gifts - 'Orchids' celadon plates

Pamper her every day

Every mom could use a little relaxation now and again. Make every room of her home into a sanctuary when you surprise her with an exquisite robe this Mother’s Day, like the silk-screen printed ‘Bali Breeze’ robe from Indonesia ($72.99). It’s something she’d probably never get for herself, and will make her morning cup of tea feel extra-special!

Best Mothers Day Gifts - 'Bali Breeze' robe

Get carried away

For the mom who’s always on the go (basically any mom), a new handbag for spring is a fantastic Mothers Day gift: functional yet fun. Treat her this year with the colorful ‘Rajasthan Flare’ leather accent bag ($59.99), which is roomy enough to carry all her super-mom essentials.

Best Mothers Day Gifts - 'Rajasthan Flare' Handbag

Shower her in silk

Make her Mothers Day extra luxe this year by giving her a handmade silk shawl or a silk scarf. Many moms don’t have enough time in their busy schedules to pick out something extra-special to wear every day, but a silk scarf transforms a basic outfit like jeans and a T-shirt into a very chic ensemble! With indigo as a top fashion trend of 2015, we’re particularly fond of the blue ‘Awakening’ batik silk scarf ($25.99).

Best Mothers Day Gifts - Blue Silk Batik Scarf

Nothing to wine about

If the mom in your life is a wine lover — and honestly, who isn’t? — consider playing to her interests and choose some wine accessories for Mothers Day presents. Our suggestion? Wrap up a bottle of her favorite vintage in a hand-loomed bag from the Cheers set ($24.99), which comes with three bags total and is made by a women’s weaving co-op in Guatemala. Bonus: no additional wrapping necessary!

Best Mothers Day Gifts - 'Cheers' wine bags

Carved in time

For the mom who has everything — or for art lovers — we think a heartfelt mother-and-child sculpture makes one of the best Mothers Day gifts. Our top pick this year is the ‘Endless Love’ carving from Bali ($49.99), which makes an especially good Mothers Day present for grandma or for new mothers.

Best Mothers Day Gifts - 'Endless Love' sculpture

Bring the bling

There’s a reason many consider jewelry to be one of the best Mothers Day gifts, time and time again. This year, why not help her add a pop of color to her wardrobe for spring with bright gemstones, like those in the ‘Aqua Glow’ necklace ($49.99) from Thailand.

Best Mothers Day Gifts - 'Aqua Glow' Necklace

A keepsake for her keepsakes

If you’ve already showered her with jewelry in Mother’s Days past, switch things up this year and give her a jewelry box to store all of those pretty baubles. Our top pick for 2015 is the wonderfully feminine ‘Floral Medallion’ jali soapstone box ($97.99), which is hand-carved in India. Intricate and elegant yet neutral enough to suit any mom’s taste, she’s sure to treasure it for years to come.

Best Mothers Day Gifts - 'Floral Medallions' jewelry box

Good Mothers Day gifts ideas are hard to come by, but you can never go wrong with gifts that were handmade with love and care. Whatever you choose this Mothers Day, just be sure to give with love and you’re guaranteed to make the holiday extra-special.


P.S. If you’re shopping for Mothers Day gifts online, make sure you check the shipping dates on the items you choose to make sure your gift will arrive on time!


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