Beautiful Jewelry Box for Your Most Treasured Possessions

When a jewelry box is opened, what does it hold? Many women have a special piece of jewelry, memento or trinket that holds a place in their heart. It could be her wedding ring, it could be her mother’s pearls or it could be the macaroni necklace that her kids made on Mother’s Day. The monetary value of the piece may not be why it is treasured. The feeling that the piece of jewelry evokes is worth more than anything. With a treasure this important, these items deserve a special place

jewelry box hold precious memories
This hand crafted repousse brass jewelry box from Novica is a piece of art itself. The mango wood box is covered with nickel-plated brass. The nickel-plated brass is accented with colorful brass beads. The design features flowers and stars. The colors and design are simple, elegant and feminine. The blend of silver and muted stone colors blend with many types of décor.
The velvet lined jewelry box gently protects any special possession inside it. The lid has a mirror which allows you to see all the beautiful items in the box. Whether stored open or closed, the jewelry box adds a touch of style to a room.

colorful glass beads on jewelry box

While for many, a jewelry box will hold some of her most beautiful or special pieces of jewelry, a jewelry box can hold many heartfelt memories. Travel has been an important aspect of my life. From studying abroad to family vacations, the trips both near and far have impacted my life. On each trip, I try to find a special, small memento that has meaning. I have used a jewelry box to hold many of these treasures.

This brass jewelry box sits in my sitting room, close to my favorite reading nook. The jewelry box makes a love decorative piece on the table, but, more importantly, it holds a few of my travel treasures. Inside my jewelry box, I have some coins from Fiji, Paraguay, South Africa, England and many more. Also, there are some stones and sea shells that I have collected along the way. The jewelry box has plenty of room for more travel mementos that I will be collecting from future trips.

jewelry box

When I need a moment to reflect, remember and reminisce about those trips, I just need to look at the jewelry box. Even without opening the lid to remove the items, I can gaze at the jewelry box and feel content. The jewelry box is a physical reminder of all the memories.

Treat yourself or your loved one to a hand crafted repousse brass jewelry box The beauty of the jewelry box will enhance the memories that it holds.

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