Are all NOVICA Beauty products clean / natural / non-toxic?

NOVICA Beauty products have been vetted to ensure they are safe for use. The banned ingredients include the top 12 harmful chemicals known as the Dirty Dozen: sodium lauryl sulfate; triclosan; BHA  (butylated hydroxyanisole); coal tar dyes, DEA or Diethanolamine; dibutyl phthalates or DBP; formaldehyde; polyethylene glycols or PEG compounds; petrolatum aka petroleum jelly; siloxanes; parabens; and parfum or synthetic fragrances. Additionally, we research every ingredient to ensure they are low on the Environment Working Group’s Cosmetic Database and free of animal ingredients or byproducts. The brands we carry contain safe and effective plant-based ingredients. Any scented products will not have synthetic perfume or parfum and instead be scented with natural essential oils.

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