Nueng Pakdee

Leather bracelets in Thailand

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"When we made it to shore I was so happy to have made it alive! I finally confessed to my friends I couldn't swim. This taught me an important lesson, that I should value life more."

17 Testimonials for Nueng Pakdee


Thank you very much Nueng. My leather wristband 'Chocolate Spring' is perfect. It's exactly what I was looking for. I love it!


Greetings! I too just received your Brown Red Riddles bracelet and I find it to be very well crafted and strikingly elegant. It is very fashionable and I can tell that you take your time and put pride into your craftsmanship and art. I hope to be able to purchase from you again in the near future. Peace! -Walt (California)


Love my bracelet, a true work of art. Even the box it came in was crafted with care. I will be ordering more Novica products in the future.