Vankar Parbat

"During my earlier days as a weaver, I struggled a bit but I knew good times would come and I never gave up. Even when going through bad times, I would find joy in my beautiful shawls."

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Wen Wen

Taichung City, Taiwan

I bought silk and wool shawl ""Sumptuous Teal"", it extremely pleases me. How tasteful the elegant shawl is, has the merit of being both practical and artistic.


Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Thank you for the Turquoise Shawl. This is the second shawl I've bought from you, the other being Mystic Teal. Both shawls are very different and both beautiful in their own unique designs and textures. Many thanks for such skilled craftsmanship


Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Thank you so much for this substantial shawl. I live in near freezing weather conditions during winter and this is perfect to keep the cold away. Such beautiful craftsmanship. A shawl of devotion! Blessings to you