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"One day I visited my friend at his workshop, and I became fascinated with all the possibilities that leather had to offer."

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I love my handbag. The style is so pure and simple and the workmanship is wonderful. So many people have ask me where I bought it. I hope they have looked for you on the Novica site!



I received the white, hand-stitched, leather wallet and the yellow, hand-stitched leather purse and love them both! Nice, soft leather, very professionally crafted. These will get a lot of use and be well loved. Thank you for such wonderful items, Nanan!


Glen burnie, MD USA

This beautiful man has given me great joy with his leather works even before I joined the NOVICA system. And this Christmas he has given me the oppertunity to give two more of his creations with affordable pricing. Again, these items are keepsakes within my family and they are treasured.